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The Music Of The Concert - 914 Words

On Friday, October 30th at 7:30PM, I attended Western Kentucky University’s symphony. It was held in Van Meter Hall. The event was named â€Å"It’s time for a treat.† The symphony was conducted by Dr. Brain St. John. Before it began, I read over the program that was handed out to find out basic information about the concert. The history of the pieces helped in understanding them. The concert featured many well-known works of famous composers such as Camille Saint-Saens, Modest Mussorgsky, and Berlioz. The three pieces that are the most memorable in my mind are â€Å"Overture to La Cenerentola†, â€Å"Là   ci darem la mano†, and â€Å"March to the Scaffold† from Symphonie Fantastique. Beginning with the first piece called â€Å"Overture to La Cenerentola† composed by Gioachino Rossini in 1817. It was part of the Rossini s version of the opera, Cinderella. An overture is used to capture the audience s attention. It informs the audience the concert is about to begin. This piece is still a good selection for an overture. The contrasting soft and loud pitches made a good way to get the audience s attention. Increasing the intensity of the brass section got the audience’s full attention. The increasing and decreasing tempo was also an indicator that the main event was about to begin. I enjoyed this music because of how light it was. I believe the way the strings and woodwinds interacted created this effect. This changed the mood in the whole room to cheerful. â€Å"Là   ci darem la mano† by Wolfgang MozartShow MoreRelatedThe Music Of The Concert858 Words   |  4 PagesAt the concert that I attended, students from the Hayes School of Music performed pieces that they or other students had composed. The performance was held in Recital Hall in the Broyhill Music Center building. Programs were stacked by the door for the audience to pick up as they entered. The small concert hall could probably have seate d 30 to 40 people, and all the lights except the stage lights were dimmed. One performer talked briefly to the audience before a piece, but it was only to give backgroundRead MoreConcert Report On Music Concert1143 Words   |  5 PagesName Music32 Concert Report Professor Name 2015.6.2 Music Concert Report On Sunday, May10 2015, a concert was held in The Broad Stage. The concert was played by Santa Monica College Symphony Orchestra, whose conductor is Dr. James Martin. For this concert, I would identify myself as a referential listener at this concert. I say this becauseRead MoreThe Music And Dance Concert1400 Words   |  6 PagesThe World Music and Dance Concert series this year was diverse in their expression of the different countries represented. For example, countries such as Haiti, The United Kingdom, North India, China and many African countries were represented during the performance. Between both their representation of typical music and dances performed, the concert accurately depicted what a typical scenario in each country would look like. The atmosphere of the performance can be described as exciting and optimisticRead MoreThe Music Of The Dance Concert975 Words   |  4 PagesThe Let’s Dance Company’s 11th Repertoire Dance Concert was amazing and entert aining. This was the third dance concert that I have seen by the LDC and the dance concerts just keep getting better and better. I was entertained throughout the concert and impressed by all the dancers. The concert allowed me to see the hard work members from the first concert I saw, the LDC’s 10th Repertoire Dance Concert, put into improving themselves as a dancer and performer. All the dancers performed great and lookedRead MoreMusic Concert Report Essay804 Words   |  4 PagesMusic Concert # 1 On Thursday April 25, 2013 , I attended a jazz vocal concert at the Music Concert Hall. The first vocal ensemble opened up the performance with a slow rhythmic song called Blue Skies. It began with vocals and I noticed a light auxiliary percussion and drum rhythm. Also, the bass guitarist used walking bass and the piano and electric guitar joined in as well. The first song also consisted of two soloist Regina and Chantel who took the front stage to show off their chops. AfterRead MoreEssay Music Concert Report957 Words   |  4 Pages1st Concert Report Prof. Schonbrun F1 MU110 The chamber music concert was held in Manhattan School of Music at 5:00 pm Friday, April 15. The concert was conducted by many instruments with various types of music. The atmosphere was fairly intense as the concert hall was approximately the size of an average home living room with about 35 people in the audience. The camber concert was divided into two major parts with an intermission of 15 minutes in between the parts. As for this concert reportRead MoreClassical Music Concert Narrative1222 Words   |  5 PagesSeptember, I attended the concert Windfire: Flute and Percussion Spectacular at Rammelkamp Chapel. Paula John Kasica performed on the flute and percussion with Nancy Shaaf accompanying on the piano. This was my first time attending a live classical music concert. I didn’t know what to expect. My limited experiences with classical music were listening while I studied or using it to fall asleep at night. Honestly, I worried that I might fall asleep during the c oncert. As it turns out, I had noRead MoreConcert Music Review Essay623 Words   |  3 Pagesï » ¿Concert Music Review I attended the Greek Music Festival because it was the culture and genre of music that I knew the least about. The music, culture, dances, and food was amazing and very interesting. Did I mention the food? The food was some of the best food I have had. I learned that a gyro is not how we â€Å"Americans† would say it. It is pronounced yi-ro and they were very quick to correct me on my pronunciation. This was a very fun and free style of festival and I enjoyed my experience. TheRead Moreconcert report MUSIC APPRECIATION2347 Words   |  10 Pagesï » ¿Rosalie Baker Music 120 Online #2745 November 30, 2014 On November 20, 2014, I had an opportunity to watch a concert entitled â€Å"Autumn Winds† at Colburn School in Downtown Los Angeles. It was part of a monthly concert series â€Å"Rush Hour Concerts at Colburn† hosted by Gibson Dunn. Gibson Dunn is a prominent law firm whose active involvement in the community expands to all various arenas of the society through their leadership and services. Rush Hour Concert is held monthly at Thayer Hall in ColburnRead MoreClassical music concert report1018 Words   |  5 PagesMUAR 211 Concert Report 1 McGill Baroque Orchestra and McGill Cappella Antica I attended the concert of McGill Baroque Orchestra and McGill Cappella Antica on Wednesday, February 19, 2014, at 7:30 p.m. What special about this concert was the guest conductor and solo violinist Adrian Butterfield. The performed pieces were Welcome to all the pleasures, Leclair’s Violin Concerto in A major, Locatelli’s Introduzione teatrale in G major, C. P. E. Bach’s Sinfonia in C major and My heart is inditing

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