Thursday, February 27, 2020

On Orientalism by Edward Said Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

On Orientalism by Edward Said - Movie Review Example lution Western writings from the mid-20th century closely mirror those of the 19th and 18th centuries, demonstrating a lack of change in the stereotypes about the region. In addition, Orientalism promotes the idea of an â€Å"ideal other,† a reverent and exotic ethno-religious group that embodies traits deemed â€Å"noble† or â€Å"good.† Said’s analysis looks not only at the images that characterize Orientalism, but also why it looks the way it does. He points to Imperialism as the foundation of Orientalism — many of the early generalizations about Arabs came from the Imperialist impulse to control a nation through its people. By making broad assumptions about a certain group of people, colonialists found it easier to control the expansive empire they found in the east. Following the years after Napoleon’s 1798 conquest of Egypt, the French surveys of the country provided Europeans a window into the mysterious middle east. The volumes compiled demonstrated French military power, but also introduced the first images of the region into the collective consciousness. These stereotypes would define the cultural perspective on the middle east for the next three centuries. In this section, Said talks about the differences between British and French Orientalism as opposed to American Orientalism. The key differences spring from two facts: firstly, America has never had a colony in the near east, and as such their perceptions are far more indirect and abstract; secondly, America has a long-standing tradition of support for the nation of Israel, which leads to a strong polarization between the â€Å"west† and the â€Å"east.† American media offers fresh anti-Arab sentiments on a regular basis, primarily due to the pro-Israel attitudes of the federal government. This bias, in turn, colors American perception of Israel. This section serves as a continuing examination of the perception of Arabs in the media. Although Said acknowledges the persistence of what might

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Building Code Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Building Code - Essay Example These are further defined in the following: 1. Exit access - refers to the part of the means of egress system that leads to an exit from any occupied portion of a building or structure. Halls, corridors, aisles and other paths which can be traversed for escape can serve as exit access. 2. Exit - refers to the part of the means of egress system separated from other interior spaces of buildings by fire-resistance rated construction and equipments as required to provide a protective path between the exit access and the exit discharge. This includes exit exteriors and passageways, exterior exit doors at ground level, stairs and ramps and horizontal exits. Building codes specifies several items of concern in the means of egress system and requires those concerned to comply with the requirements such as illumination of signs, minimum sizes of doors, stairs, ramps and the amount of time it takes to travel from the exit access to the exit discharge.